Luxury on a Dude Ranch: Exploring Contrasts at The Alisal


On my first trip to The Alisal Guest Ranch & Resort (oh yes, there will be many more), I experienced the type of vacation I didn’t think existed anymore. Think the Dirty Dancing Kellerman Resort meets Santa Barbara, with a dash of horses. It has an old school feel with all of the modern comforts.

Tucked behind the town of Solvang about 45 minutes outside of Santa Barbara, Alisal’s grounds are fully embedded in the local nature. In springtime, the fields burst with yellow mustard flowers up to your ears, literally. Cantering through them off-trail on a is a memory that will not fade for a long time. The Santa Ynez mountains are known for wineries, and the hills remind me a little bit of parts of Italy.


The ranch casually, yet luxuriously meets every vacation need with spa, fitness center, two golf course and large pool, but I was there for the horses (though the pool was very useful in cooling off between the morning and afternoon trail rides!).


The attentive wranglers handle every riding need, pairing you up with a horse to match your skill level and personality. Having very little riding experience outside of an arena, I was tentative at first, especially about cantering on trails, and the wranglers not only picked great horses for my rides, but also checked on me often during the rides to make sure I felt comfortable. This personal attention helped me to feel confident on the trails and enjoy the feeling of freedom that comes from being immersed in nature on horseback.


The wranglers make the horse-rider pairings the day before your ride so they can have your horse saddled up for you when it’s time to ride. You walk up to the board to confirm which horse you are riding, then the wranglers retrieve your horse from where it is tied up, help you mount, and organize you into groups of about 4 to 7. You will always get to ride with your friends if you are going on the same level of ride. I have no idea how they keep this all straight with so many people at so many different levels, but they accomplish it effortlessly.



After a warm-up trail ride at intermediate level, which involves only walking and trotting, I was ready for an advanced ride, where you canter in spots, allowing your group to go a bit further and see a bit more in the 1.5 hour ride. My first advanced ride took us to the top of this hill overlooking Solvang and Buellton below. Perfect spot for a water break and picture taking!


Some of my favorite trails go around the lake, which also offers fishing and boating activities. We encountered so much wildlife on our lake rides – there is a bald eagle nest high up in one of the trees, and we saw not only the adult eagles, but also to babies still in the nest unable to fly! We saw baby deer that still had their spots, and of course the beautiful black and white Alisal cows.




The best ride of all was the breakfast ride. This happens only a couple per week and it is a must. You can ride a horse out to the historic Adobe Camp, or opt for the hay wagon. Beginners take off first since it takes longer for them to get there at a walking pace, then the trotting intermediate group, then our cantering advanced group, and finally the hay wagon, and we all arrive at the Adobe at around the same time for a cowboy breakfast (if cowboys had chefs making custom omelettes and logo embossed pancakes). Over the best pancakes in history, fresh fruit and coffee, we sat at picnic tables making new friends, while being serenaded with music and cowboy poetry. It was on the breakfast ride that I got to ride the much-loved, often-requested, rarely-available Paint horse named Parker, and like every other person who has the pleasure of riding him, I wanted to bring him home as a souvenir.




Did I forget to mention the petting farm? Miniature horses, guinea pigs, rabbits, and friendly roosters. I could hug and squeeze them all day!





There are so many things that make this place special, but the most memorable for me are: the effortless luxury that makes you feel cared for in a relaxed way; the gourmet food made from local ingredients (breakfast and dinner are included in the rate); and the best bunch of trail horses you will ever encounter, probably anywhere. People travel from all over the U.S. to enjoy the unique Alisal experience, so I feel very lucky that it is just a 5 hour drive from my house, and I plan to make it an annual adventure! Until next time…



3 Replies to “Luxury on a Dude Ranch: Exploring Contrasts at The Alisal”

  1. OMG, this sounds and looks incredibly cool. How much experience on a horse do you need? Is the beginner level truly beginner? Also, why was Parker so popular besides his beauty (I’m assuming that’s his picture)? Did he also have a great personality? I’m so curious.

    1. Stacey, the beginner rides were truly for beginners, even with zero experience on a horse. The horses they pick for beginners are solid, rarely taking a wrong step (though even the best horse can have a spook, I suppose), and the wranglers take beginner riders on the easiest trails without much elevation change. Really, you just sit there and enjoy the ride! The only hazard seemed to be trying to keep the horses from munching on the delicious greenery along the path! The nice thing about the beginner rides is that it is a slow enough pace to have your camera out to take photos! So…are you thinking of joining me??

      Ohhh Parker (insert dreamy eyes). I could write an entire post just about this beautiful horse. I’d ridden quite a few horses before, but when I mounted Parker, I instantly felt like I’d found an comfy old chair that fit me perfectly. He is a bit on the smaller size, narrower in the back than most, just right for my petite frame (and supposedly, every teenage girl who rides him). Multiple people commented that he looked like “my horse,” with our size match and also similar coloring – my dark hair and light skin mirroring his black and white coloring. Then, he has the magical combination of being so calm, yet responsive, and his steps were solid and smooth. Just so comfortable. His canter was so small it felt like riding a kid’s toy rocking horse, and apparently looked that way, too, because the girls riding behind me would laugh at his cute canter. I felt so at ease riding this horse that I was able to completely relax and enjoy the freedom of sailing through fields of grass at a speed faster than my own legs could take me – which is really the joy of horseback riding! Though someday I may appreciate a more “challenging” horse, at this stage in my riding Parker gave me such a boost of confidence! p.s. A fall trip back to Alisal is in the works, and I am most excited about reuniting with my dream horse. 😉

      1. Ah, I love your answer. It’s so interesting to me and I’m glad you got to meet Parker (dreamy sigh). A dude ranch stay does sound like fun. Definitely don’t count me out!

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