If Edward Scissorhands Lived in San Diego

If I had scissors for hands, I would definitely be creating bunnies and dinosaurs out of bushes, no question. What would motivate a person with *hands* for hands to do this, however, I would love to know. This work of art that requires consistent upkeep is really someone’s front yard.


It would be fun to go with a few people who know cartoons really well and try to name all of the characters¬† you can recognize in this one-of-a-kind garden. Harper’s Topiary Garden is in San Diego’s Mission Hills neighborhood. If you run into the owners, ask them what inspired them to create such an enchanting garden, and then thank them for sharing their whimsy with everyone. They seem like people I’d like to have over for tea and macaroons!


Address: 3549 Union St. (between Upas St. & Vine St.), San Diego, CA 92103




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  1. Fascinating. How much time must it take to maintain? I’d love to meet the owners. If I had scissor hands, what would my yard look like? Running shoes? 26.2s? Cool, asymmetrical shapes? Actually, I’m not very good at crafting things out of my hands so I guess they would be lame, ugly asymmetrical shapes.

    1. Stacey, when I visited, there were a couple people working on trimming the bushes. I imagine it needs nearly constant work to keep every shape fresh. I think asymmetrical shapes could be quite beautiful!

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