Adamson House – A Hidden Treasure of Malibu


Situated on Pacific Coast Highway just north of Malibu Pier, it’s not exactly hiding, but Adamson House is often skipped by the usual Malibu weekend visitor. Combined with its architectural and natural beauty beyond comprehension, it’s exactly the type of place I love to visit and love even more to share.


From its front courtyard outlined in roses and bougainvillea to its tiled fountains and luscious lime trees at the back, it is a fairy tale castle, Spanish Colonial Revival style. The interior (accessible by guided tour only, and where photos are not allowed) is full of custom tile created locally, which, aside from the spectacular views of the ocean and hills, was the most memorable part of the house tour. One room had tiles painted to look like a Persian rug, which I thought was pretty genius since tile is much easier to clean than a fancy rug!

Also fascinating was that the home had all original furniture and appliances, including a seriously flawed early dishwasher, which ran water straight through it while spinning the dishes in a circle. How many glasses do you think they broke in that contraption?


From the back lawn, you are left without any question as to why the family chose this location to build their fairy tale villa. Imagine it a hundred years ago without being able to see a single building, but even today, it makes sense. Even the most picturesque lifeguard tower (featured in the movie “Gigi”) and Surfrider Beach are perfectly framed by the house’s landscaping!


The home is part of the National Register of Historic Places, and can be rented out for events. My only wish is that you could stay overnight and wake up to this view out of your bedroom window.

4 Replies to “Adamson House – A Hidden Treasure of Malibu”

  1. Somebody actually painted a Persian rug? They aren’t really my favorite, but I can appreciate their complexity and I’d love to see this painted one. Do you have pics?

      1. Wow. What patience that must take. Thanks for finding it. We’re actually going to replace the existing Persian rug to a more minimalist rug, but I find the painting of the floor really intriguing and am storing it in my brain. Like maybe painting something on the floor of the home gym… Ideas are simmering. Your blog is already inspiring me!

        1. Stacey, browse photos online of painted wood and concrete floors – so much inspiration that would be really fun for a small area like an entryway or dining room!

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