Why Lisbon is my new favorite European city

I used to think Barcelona had it all – architecture, culture, nice weather, tapas… – and tried to convince all of my friends from around the world to move there with me someday. Since visiting Lisbon, however, I’m afraid Barcelona has been ousted from its top spot. There’s something so special about this place that looks eerily like San Francisco in photos, but once you are there feels nothing like it. Lisbon wins my heart with its warm people, homemade tasting food at every corner, and those insane hills that create an air of fantasy for some odd reason – I guess I like a challenge. And it’s surprisingly inexpensive. Plus, you have the fairy tale town of Sintra just 30 minutes away if you need a break from city life. After my first visit to Lisbon earlier this year, I loved it so much I  immediately booked a second visit over the end of the year. Lisbon, see you in December!

If I had a European home base, this would be it. Is anyone else with me on Lisbon?